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We can #BuildBackBetter

By Ellen, 350 UK Senior Organiser The coronavirus pandemic has turned our world upside down. No-one in the UK’s life

How we build back better

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May Day: A Just Recovery for Workers

Workers are powerful. Despite the risks of coronavirus and lack of protective equipment, nurses are out saving lives, supermarket workers

Climate strikes move online

Wednesday marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, kicking off a global online protest that will roll into online climate strikes on Friday.

Profile: Ridhima Pandey, 12, India

“We have to learn from this crisis, and world leaders need to act strongly and proactively together in order to save lives, rather than only when a disaster becomes impossible to ignore.”

Profile: Arshak Makichyan, 25, Russia

“We fight for our future and we fight for our present. It’s not two crises, it’s one big crisis, and the main cause is indifference to others.”

Profile: Vanessa Nakate, 23, Uganda

“For us in Africa, it is not Fridays For Future, it is Fridays for Now. The climate crisis is already here.”