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It starts with one person

“I definitely wanted to go on strike, but I definitely wasn’t allowed to. I was about to serve two years as a conscript, and striking in the army is practically treason.”

Life in an Urban Bubble

“I’m playing with the hand I’ve been dealt with. My cards are humble, but I’m fueled with a purpose”

Not your typical text-banking

A conversation between two friends supporting each other and finding hope through activism in the age of coronavirus.

Youth Climate Strikers Storytelling Hub

The climate strikers who captivated the world during last year’s Global Climate Strike haven’t gone anywhere. They’re still here, organizing

Growing Up at the End of the World

“I created this story so that it might spark conversations about the toll of climate change on the mental and emotional wellbeing of children everywhere”

Am I enough of an activist?

“We need to inspire ourselves and others to make the right choices – if we don’t, then the climate crisis is putting our future at risk.”

The Hummingbird in Me

“We cannot afford to go back to “normal” systems that were before this pandemic, based and rooted in historical, environmental, social and political injustices.”