Promotional Materials

Use these resources to spread the word about the strikes.


Use hashtag #ClimateStrike to follow the momentum on social media and use it when sharing your own stories and content.
Different countries and languages are also using other hashtags.


Check out’s Multimedia Hub for photos and videos from past strikes.

Multimedia Hub


Download graphics for posters, flyers, stickers, and buttons, and get templates for social media images and videos.

Graphics resources

Visual Guide

Use these fonts, colors, templates, and more to create graphics that match existing Global Climate Strike materials.

Graphics resources

Tell Your Story

By sharing your reasons for why you’re striking for the climate with your friends and family, you’ll encourage your community to join you. Together we’ll build a just, equitable, and fossil fuel-free world.

Share a selfie

People across the world are striking for the climate, all with different experiences of the climate crisis.

Take a photo or record a quick video of yourself holding a sign or explaining why you’re going on strike. Share it on your Instagram or Facebook story, or tweet it out with hashtag #climatestrike.

Your reasons for joining the strikes might resonate with someone unexpected and encourage them to join too.

Invite your friends and family

Send your friends and family an email, invite them to the RVSP page for your local event, call them, text them, send them an Instagram video. Whichever way you can, reach out to those around you.

Most strikes events are open to anyone who wants to join. Everyone has a role to play. Your brother could help make food for people, your best friend could help take photos, a total stranger may be up for organising a banner-making session.

Remember to re-invite people the closer the date gets! Reminders are crucial to a strong turnout.

Amplify climate strikes stories from around the world

Students, parents, community members, and workers of all kinds have been striking for months now, with 20–27 September 2019 being the largest climate mobilisations worldwide, EVER.

In the lead up to the next strike, post a #ThrowbackThursday on social media to share some of the awesome climate strikes energy that has inspired you.

Follow the #ClimateStrike and #FridaysforFuture hashtags for amazing stories.

Tell people how they can help you

Not everyone will be able to participate in every strike, but a lot of people will want to help anyway.

Do you need help painting banners beforehand? Are you in a community that requires a permit for your march?

Reach out to your community with your to-do list — by Facebook, by blog, by word of mouth — and ask people to volunteer their skills!