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How Europe kicked off #ClimateStrike

Across the continent throughout the day we witnessed the largest ever climate mobilisation unfold. The attendance numbers are still being

When 4 million people rise up-there is no turning back: use your power

September 20th -27th is a demonstration of intent from the millions of people who are taking  to the streets, taking time off work or school to say that they are ready. Ready to move on and make the changes we need for a world free from fossil fuels, and based in climate equity and justice. 

Breaking: Global Climate Strike

As today’s strikes in Europe and Africa hit full swing, we take stock of where the global climate strike is at midway through the first day of the Global Climate Strike.

What’s happening tomorrow?

You know it’s going to be big, but you might not realise just how massive the Global Climate Strike on September 20 will be. Check it out.

BIG DAY Tomorrow 🌎 ✊

Here are some things to keep in mind in order to make sure your climate strike event will be shared across the globe.

Why I Strike in Ukraine

My name is Anna Bogushenko. I grew up in the city of Alchevsk in Ukraine, where every morning I would