It has only been a few days since the world witnessed the incredible power of over 7.6 million people standing together.

This youth-led Global Climate Strike hit pause on business as usual and proved, beyond doubt, that we have the power to solve the climate crisis.

We need to keep building a stronger and more inspiring movement. And it’s only possible if we do it together.

To win, we need to be prepared. We’ve assembled these online training resources to help you become confident in tackling climate change, and learn the actions you can take to help drive social change.

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Each online skill-up uses interactive activities and multimedia to teach you skills you can use for organizing, movement-building, and to tackle climate change.

Together with 7.6 million people, you showed your power to take governments and corporations to task and demand that they clean up their act. And it doesn’t end there – we will not stop until we make sure fossil fuels are kept in the ground.

Join the online skill-ups, invite a friend or two, and let’s strengthen our skills to keep building towards a just and sustainable future for all.

We’re here to support you every step of the way.